Youth Congress, NCBA plant trees to mark International Youth Day

In celebration of International Youth Day, the Youth Congress, a premier youth serving organization in Kenya partnered with NCBA Bank to plant trees. August 12 every year marks International Youth Day. This year’s theme is to amplify the message that green skills for youth are needed to achieve a sustainable world.

NCBA donated and teamed up with the Youth Congress to plant 1,000 trees in various parts to mark International Youth Day. As part of the day’s activities, the bank and the organization planted over 100 trees in lucky summer, Nairobi in an event graced by representatives from the Kenya Forestry Service.

Speaking at the event held in Lucky Summer, Nairobi, the convener of The Youth Congress, and UN Habitat’s Advisor on Youth, Raphael Obonyo thanked the youth for continued engagement in environment conservation.

While appreciating NCBA Bank for the partnership with The Youth Congress to plant 1,000 trees, he called for more collaboration with the youth in addressing current challenges and creation of opportunities.

The Youth Congress has teamed up with NCBA Bank in Kenya to plant indigenous and fruit trees to enhance the environment and provide opportunities and valuable resources to youth and communities.

“Young people are leading remarkable initiatives and they are making tremendous progress, I call for more partnership with the youth, to address the challenges in our society, create opportunities and ensure sustainable development,” said Obonyo.

Young women and men are some of the most vulnerable to the lifelong environmental effects caused by climate change.

Yet, youth show extraordinary strength, leadership and resilience and they urgently need to be better supported at the heart of environmental action and sustainable development.

There is need to harness the potential of young people in development processes, including climate action, biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration.

In a message read on his behalf, NCBA Group Managing Director, John Gachora, said: “The Bank recognizes the need for collective action, and importance of fostering collaboration and building partnerships with local communities.

“Today, NCBA joins with The Youth Congress to plant trees as a symbol of our shared commitment to the environmental goals. Partnerships are the glue to the implementation of Sustainability goals and are essential to making them a reality.

Partnerships provide insights that organizations and partners need to fine-tune their environmental efforts.

At NCBA, we are committed to forging partnerships and supporting sustainable initiatives that contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment.

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