Training in public primary teacher training colleges to be sharpened

The government in collaboration with the World Bank is set to strengthen the capacity of 35 Public Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PTTCs) to provide initial training for prospective teachers’ primary schools.

The National Coordinator of the KPEELP, Martha Ekirapa

The capacity building initiative, code named the Kenya Primary Education Equity in Learning Program (KPEELP) aims to address the inequities in learning outcomes in schools.

The National Coordinator of the KPEELP, Martha Ekirapa believes the programme will have a far reaching impact on basic education institutions.

Ekirapa said the reforms will have a far-reaching impact in the education sector.

“A teacher is so critical in the education sector and instead of spending millions at the in-service courses it is important to invest right at the in-service level so that that our teacher graduates who graduate from these colleges have the necessary skills and competence to implement the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC),”she said.

Ekirapa spoke on the sidelines of the KPEELP technical mission field visit at Thogoto Teachers Training College in Kiambu  County. The mission aimed to assess the status of the preparedness for the roll out of the interventions earmarked.

Present included a Senior Education Specialist in the Education Global Practice at World Bank, Ruth Charo and officials from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

Ekirapa said the main objective of KPEELP is to address inequities in school participation and learning outcomes by equalizing opportunities.

She said the government and the World Bank will address disparities by strengthening systems capacity for implementing initiated reforms.

National Coordinator of the KPEELP said the government is set to retool teacher’s educators, establish ICT enabled resource centres, provide core reference materials, and create structured linkages between PTTCs and neighbouring schools for purposes of practical aspects of training and strengthening accountability systems in PTTCs.

Ekirapa said the project will strengthen the governance of 542 primary schools in 10 counties.

She said the schools recorded very low proficiency in Literacy and numeracy levels, hence the intervention.

National Coordinator of the KPEELP said the improvement of the school’s governance and accountability systems will improve literacy and numeracy skills necessary for quality learning of children.

The National Coordinator of the Elimu Yetu Coalition, Joseph Wasikhongo said the mission aimed at establishing the readiness of schools to undertake the envisaged reform initiatives.

Wasikhongo said the mission had enabled the team to get additional voices and perspectives on education which are critical to the success of the reform initiatives.

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