Sunshine Schools starts primary, incorporates mixed school

Sunshine Schools has unveiled its latest venture, a primary school unit. This groundbreaking addition expands Sunshine Schools’ educational portfolio, now catering to the needs of younger learners.

Previously focused on providing secondary education exclusively for boys, the institution has diversified its offerings to encompass Pre-School, Primary School, and Junior Secondary School for both boys and girls, aligning with the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The institution has invested Ksh 50 million to introduce the primary school unit, which aims to uphold the institution’s legacy of academic distinction and foster a new generation of enthusiastic learners.

Sunshine Secondary School Principal Sally Kiprop says the decision to incorporate a primary school section reflects the institution’s commitment to offering a seamless and holistic learning journey from foundational to advanced education.

“With cutting-edge facilities and a curriculum designed to stimulate intellectual growth, our primary school unit maintains the highest educational standards,” said Kiprop.

Sunshine Primary School Principal Jacob Asenje (left) and Sunshine Secondary School Principal Sally Kiprop (right) at the newly established Sunshine Primary School at their premises on Langata Road opposite Wilson Airport.

Among the facilities are well-equipped science laboratories to respond to the curriculum requirements for the STEM subjects, as well as an ICT and coding laboratory  to promote innovation and creativity.

The school has established Agriculture demonstration plots, a Pre-Technical workshop introducing basics in metalwork and woodworking in the bid to nurture practical skills as envisioned in the CBC curriculum.

Aviation Technology classes are also offered leveraging the school’s proximity to Wilson Airport.

Sporting amenities include a swimming pool with trained coaches, basketball, table tennis courts, an open field for rugby and football, all catering to the requirements of physical education and sports science.

While the school will offer boarding facilities for boys from Grade 7, girls will be day scholars, ensuring an inclusive and diverse educational environment.

Kiprop says this expansion not only meets the community’s rising demand for quality primary education but also ensures a seamless educational journey within the same academic framework, providing students with a continuous learning experience.

“We are delighted to inaugurate the primary school unit, solidifying our commitment to educational excellence. This aligns with our vision of nurturing young minds, preparing them for future academic pursuits and personal growth,” he said.

The primary school unit will be headed by Jacob Asenje, who is a former Makini Schools Deputy Principal. Asenje is a pioneer of the CBC system with over 10 years of experience in the teaching profession. He has authored CBC books from Grade 1 to Grade 9 and envisions a dynamic learning environment in Sunshine Primary School led by qualified teachers dedicated to nurturing students’ intellectual curiosity and holistic development.

Enrollment for the primary school unit is now open.

“We eagerly await the arrival of aspiring young learners in January 2024 to our new primary school unit, fostering an interactive learning environment where academic excellence and sound character formation intertwine,” said Asenje.

The institution plans to allocate Kshs 200 million to expand classrooms, playgrounds, and increase student transportation facilities, further enhancing the learning experience.

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