KCB Foundation commits Kshs 700M for its 2023 Scholarships

KCB Foundation has commissioned its 2023 scholarship class that will see 1,000 students join various secondary schools across the country from next week. This brings the total number of students of sponsored by KCB Foundation to 4,558.

Two hundred twenty students from Western Kenya are part of the 2023 class, the 16th cohort of KCB’s annual education scholarship programme.

The KCB programme targets bright students from underprivileged backgrounds, with 100 slots allocated to Persons with Disabilities and 500 slots to girls.

This year, KCB has earmarked KShs. 700 million for supporting the 16th cohort through secondary school and tertiary education. This will cater for tuition fees for the four years of secondary school, tuition fees for tertiary education, as well as the uniforms, transport, set books, and regular mentorship and psychosocial support throughout all four years of secondary.

KCB Group Human Resource Director Japheth Achola said: “We intentionally seek out vulnerable and marginalized learners at risk of dropping out of school completely. This includes learners facing difficulties from orphanhood, disability or harmful cultural practices as well as gender or disability and areas with high poverty indexes.

“Our commitment stems from our strong belief that every child’s right to access quality education is a powerful tool of transformation in society.

“We have also incorporated a wholesome psycho-social support system to ensure the students receive mentorship and guidance, so they have relevant coping skills applicable to this dynamic, fast-paced world.”

Upon completion of their high school learning, all 1,000 students from the KCB 2023 scholarship class will benefit from 100% school-fees support through the KCB tertiary scholarship programme.

They will also receive a three-month apprenticeship programme at KCB branches across the country to get first-hand work experience before joining institutions of higher learning under the KCB education scholarship cover.

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