Glovo customises Graduate Program to develop skills in Kenyans

Glovo, technology platform for on-demand delivery, has launched the Glovo Graduate Program, an initiative designed to boost the potential of young Kenyan talent while extending to other countries in Africa, forging the leaders of tomorrow.

In a move to harness the potential of young Kenyan professionals, Glovo says the is specifically tailored to recruit and develop the promising Kenyan talents into the industry.

The Glovo Graduate Program is a rigorous one-year journey designed to provide a wealth of opportunities across various key sectors within the company. Participants will have the chance to explore roles in operations, quick-commerce, partners & brands, finance & strategy, and brand marketing services.

Eligibility for the program extends to individuals who possess a University Degree in any management, science, or social science discipline, coupled with up to 2 years of professional experience. Glovo is seeking out those who are eager to kick-start their careers and make a significant impact in the business world.

Candidates selected for the Glovo Graduate Program will reap numerous benefits, including:

  • A 12-month accelerated growth program that fast-tracks their professional development.
  • Personalized mentorship to guide them on their leadership journey.
  • The opportunity for mobility and exposure across seven African countries, broadening their cultural and professional horizons.
  • A chance to undertake diverse roles and gain multifaceted experiences across different departments.
  • A combination of virtual and in-person training to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The Head of People Africa at Glovo, Rasheeda Sedhosime, said: “We are passionate about unlocking the potential within our continent by investing in its most valuable asset – our youth. The Glovo Graduate Program is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in Africa.

“We believe that through this program, we can provide a platform for young talent to grow, learn, and contribute significantly to our dynamic industry.”

The Glovo Graduate Program is a transformative experience that promises to shape the business landscape of Africa for years to come.

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